Patent Management & Market Strategies For Life Sciences 

(Code- C01)


Purpose: The ultimate goal of this course is to give in depth knowledge on role of Intellectual Property (IP) in innovation ecosystem related to life sciences and chemistry domains. Legal Issues and Market strategies in relation to IP.


Module -1:

  •  Introduction to IP: Types of IP to protect Innovation
  • International Treaties & Conventions for protection of IP
  • Role of IP in promotion and development of trade and commerce
  • Indian Patent Act 1970
  • Filing and maintenance process of different forms of IP
  • Intellectual Property Rights in various industrial domains: Pharma, agriculture, food & nutrition, biotech etc.
  • Introduction to patent procedures & time lines for domestic and international filing
  • Management of IP
  • IP market Strategies
  • Possibilities, issues and rules of patenting specific microorganisms / enzymes related   inventions
  • Patenting NCE
  • International patent laws and jurisdictions PCT, USPTO, EPO etc

Module -2:

  • Regulations WRT FDA, Orange Book– FDA that serves as the gold standard reference for generic drug substitution.
  • Hatch Waxman Act – Detailed Study, evolution of Drug regulation and issues related to drug regulation in the age of globalization. -2
  • Patenting Strategies of the EU Pharmaceutical Industry – Crossroad between Patent Law and Competition Policy
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates
  • Regulatory Data Protection
  • Strategic Patenting of Pharmaceuticals in the European Union
  • Introduction to Evergreening
  • Innovator Product vs. Generic – Extended Patents
  • Patent “thickets” or “clusters”
  • Secondary Patent Applications

Module 3:

  • Understanding of Claim Language
  • Introduction to various kinds of patent searches
  • Patent Databases
  • Chemical & Structure Search
  • Sample Landscape & Clearance Projects

What will course offers:

  • Overview of the intellectual property and process of patenting in life sciences.
  • Marketing your products or services in different countries.
  • The participant will understand emerging issues related to IPR and infringement law suits.
  • Awareness of many phases of patent protection including legal, economic managerial and social.
Duration:  3 months, Fee : INR 15000/-


  • Enhance your skills by actually working on projects.
  • After completion of the course your prospects to join IP departments in your respective industry or any law firms brighter than any normal post graduates.
  • Equips the students with knowledge about practical issues while working with patenting in life sciences.
  • On-going support even after completing the course.
  • Interaction with the industry experts and their live experiences.
  • Customized training to work as an IP professional in Life sciences Stream
  • Practical training on patent search, filing, handling orange book etc.
  • Simulation to real life strategic planning in intellectual property management.

Through our proven training methodologies, we have trained over 100 new graduates in-house to get on a project within 3 months. This is the first time we are offering the same course to students and professional outside our company trainees.


Ganapathi S Naidu.K

Patent Attorney

Hima Bindu Atti

Managing Director of Novel Patent Services

Murali Krishna Pattabhi

  Founder & Director of Novel Patent Services

Patent attorneys / IP experts who are having an experience of 10 to 15 experience or more will teach the concerned modules.



Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Students, Faculty, Domain Experts, Business, legal professionals with life sciences background



Upon successful completion of curriculum & subsequent assessments, participants will be awarded the certificates by Kalam Institute of Health Technology.