Professional Primer

(Code- C04)


Purpose: This course is aimed to offer a preliminary knowledge on intellectual property rights and their signifance in the industry.



Module 1: Overview of IPR

Module 2: Tools of IPR and Importance of IPR in their respective fields

What will course offers:


  • Basic knowledge about IPR
  • Gaining knowledge about the domain which are covered under IPR.
Duration:  8 hours (physical classes / webinar), Fee: INR 1000/- 


  • Create IPR awareness among professionals
  • Applicability of IPR in day to day in their respective domain.


Ganapathi S Naidu.K

Patent Attorney

Hima Bindu Atti

Managing Director of Novel Patent Services

Murali Krishna Pattabhi

  Founder & Director of Novel Patent Services


professionals (working / experience)


Upon successful completion of curriculum & subsequent assessments, participants will be awarded the certificates by Kalam Institute of Health Technology.