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In process of IPR knowledge dissemination, NOVEL IPR ACADEMY offers PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE COURSE on PATENT MANAGEMENT & MARKET STRATEGIES. This certificate course is exclusive for Pharmacy & Biotech Industries (Professionals, Students, Researchers, Startups in Pharmacy & Biotech and related Industries) to work as an IP Professional in Pharmacy & BIOTECH Industry or to generate, protect and commercialize their unique product that they believe to be a commercial success in the market for Startups and Researchers.

The course is designed by experienced professionals who worked in IP department of pharma company. The objective of the course is to give hands-on training on different scenarios, professionals need to handle during their regular work.

The course contains 4 modules including practical sessions and exclusive interaction with Pharma & Biotech IP experts. Interested candidates are requested to getting more information by clicking on the link given below.

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Courses Offered

With the growing importance of technology, intellectual property is becoming an asset of a nation. This change has reweighed the position of Intellectual Property in today’s economy, making it the most important factor that defines growth and prosperity. The courses has been introduced with the objective to provide a learning platform for researchers, students & job seekers to gain practical knowledge about IPR and its importance for businesses, career prospects and economy as a whole.

Course on Intellectual Property Rights

The objective of the course is to develop awareness about generation, protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights among students and also develop advance technical and professional skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Course on Intellectual Property Rights & Competitive IP Exams

The objective of the course is to facilitate access to higher IP education to all qualifies job seekers and provide training for competitive IP exams such as Patent agent exam, trademark agent exam etc.

Nowadays, it is generally accepted that in a knowledge-driven, competitive business environment, technological innovation is a principal determinant of successful firm performance. Intellectual Property has spread a new wave of technological innovations, leading to rapid economic growth and development. Lack of IP awareness often leads to implementation of technology without IP protection, business IP litigations, unfair market value for products, inability to be rise over competitor etc. As businesses grow and attract competition, the need to understand Intellectual Property, its interfaces, managing innovation better than competitors becomes even more important in order to survive and thrive in the today’s economy.

Customized IP course


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The objective of the course is to give an insight for various domain industries about IP Protection, IPR challenges faced & Commercialization to provide a deep understanding of technology when they innovate and or expand into new markets and products.

Our rich portfolio specialized courses on IP caters to different target audiences: inventors and creators, business managers and IP professionals, policy makers and government officials of IP institutions, diplomats, students and researchers.

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