What is

Novel IPR Academy

Novel IPR Academy is to essentially facilitate and support students, Industry Association and other concerned stakeholders in raising awareness on IPR related issues in general and more specifically on educating them about the value and protection of IPR and its benefits to the economy.


The fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology and science and its mission is to create an ambiance in which new ideas, research and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.


To create IPR awareness and provide a one stop platform for IP strategic solutions, conceptualization and commercialization.

What We Offers?

  • Provide various Intellectual Property (IP) programs which are customized to address the type of requirements of individuals, universities, institutions, researchers and organizations.

  • Provide comprehensive knowledge related to various types of IPs, Indian, US and EP Intellectual Property laws, filing procedures in India, US, EP and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), strategies of IP protection and more.

  • A leading centre of excellence for executive IP education and has an ample scope to be a world-class resource for the development of knowledge and capabilities in the protection, exploration and management of IP.

  • Provides a platform to share and discuss the latest developments and applications in various fields with practical exposure and thereby aid local innovators including the researchers and students.

  • Works as a platform for startups to develop a successful business.

  • Our academy fills the gap between the industry and academic institute in terms of IP utilization and commercialization.

  • Our Academy focuses on promotion of Intellectual Property Rights Education and offers a collaborative platform connecting research, industry and investors


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